I have been playing guitar for over a decade and have been actively composing for the last four years. Under the direction of guitarist Michael Strutt, I completed my Bachelor of Music at the University of British Columbia in 2011. Throughout my academic career, I received many scholarships and awards for excellence in performance and academics.

I have performed as both soloist and ensemble member in venues such as the Chan Centre and the Douglas College "Arts at One" series. I was a semi-finalist at the 2008 Northwest Guitar Festival in Seattle, Washington and have played in master classes with Andrew Zohn, Judicael Perroy, and Daniel Bolshoy. My compositions have been premiered in several concert series including Vancouver Pro Musica's "Further East, Further West."

In addition to the guitar, I also play the Pipa, and was a member of the UBC Chinese Music Ensemble for 3 years.

With over five years teaching experience, ranging all skill levels and ages, I have found that through regular practice, hard work, and a little guidance, anyone can learn to play the guitar...even you.